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On this website i will try to share old and new tug of war pictures and video's.

About me, i started in 1981 with Tug of War in a company team on a very low level.

Like most pullers started whit a group colleague on fairs, lot of fun and after party.

Then thinks get serieus and have to train to keep winning.

So we went start training on a serius level and that improved our performance.

Because we outperformed you were put in a heavier class,then we found out what was really tug of war. Because it is a beautiful sport will keep you there and you go practice it seriously. Another hobby, photography also will keep you practicing and have taken in the years many pictures.

Especially when I switched to digital i have taken many photo's, especially during indoor and outdoor World Championships.

A large number of tug-of-war is seen by through various websites but I found yet more people should enjoy therefore this site.

In the beginning i have not made a lot of pictures. Expensive movies, printing, and pictures that you sometimes with it remained seated because not everyone she could see if wanted (buy) Later when I digitally photographed it was no problem to take several hundred pictures.

Also it was not a problem as there are some had failed, hold button a few good shots there were stuck between. 

During the last WC 2014 in Madison, there are taken a few thousand pictures (5 thousand). That makes you have more choices to make and need to figure out and the albums on the site getting bigger. 

But you're doing a lot of people a great fun with it. 











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